There’s an intriguing little secret in the world of sex toys that has been gaining momentum. Have you heard of love eggs? These little toys, known for their potent punch and discreet nature, are not only for the adventurous but also for anyone looking to add a bit of fun to their intimate moments. Let’s dive deep into the world of egg vibrators and find out why they’re becoming everyone’s favorite companion!

What is a Love Egg?

A love egg, sometimes referred to as an egg vibrator, is a small, oval-shaped sex toy that offers both internal and external stimulation. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from clitoral stimulation to g-spot play. Most egg vibrators come with a remote control, allowing for an extra layer of excitement – especially during couple play.

Why Choose an Egg Vibrator?

The true beauty of the love egg is in its versatility. This little egg can be a source of both internal stimulation, where it’s inserted vaginally to target the G-spot, and external stimulation when used to tantalize the clitoris or other sensitive areas.

Discreet Play

One of the main appeals of egg vibrators is their discreet nature. Their small size and often silent operation make them perfect for those sneaky moments of pleasure, even in public if you’re feeling particularly adventurous!

App-Controlled Fun

Brands like Lovense Lush have come up with app-controlled egg vibrators, allowing your partner to take control from anywhere in the world. Long-distance relationships have never been so spicy!

Pelvic Floor Training

Beyond pleasure, vibrating eggs can also aid in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. The sensation of vibrating eggs encourages natural contractions, which in turn tones those essential muscles.

Spotlight on Some of the Best Egg Vibrators

Lovense Lush 3

This is arguably the crown jewel in the world of egg vibrators. The Lovense Lush 3 offers powerful vibrations, a dedicated app for remote control, and the ability to be remote controlled over long distances, making it perfect for couples separated by miles.

Svakom Ella

A sleek, elegant, and powerful egg vibrator, the Svakom Ella stands out with its unique design and exceptional battery life. USB rechargeable and crafted from body-safe silicone, it promises hours of uninterrupted pleasure.

Cal Exotics

Known for their variety, Cal Exotics offers egg vibrators that cater to every need. From those looking for powerful G-spot stimulation to others craving gentle clitoral vibes, there’s something for everyone.

Using Your Love Egg

The best way to get the most out of your love egg? Experimentation! While it’s designed primarily for internal use, many find that using it for clitoral stimulation can be just as exhilarating. The trick lies in finding the right vibration patterns and settings for your body.

Remember, if you’re using your egg vibrator internally, always opt for a body-safe lubricant, especially if it’s made of body-safe silicone. This ensures a smooth experience and prolongs the life of your toy.

Egg vibrators, with their discreet size and powerful capabilities, are becoming a must-have in the world of sex toys. Whether you’re looking for an intimate solo play or a way to connect with a partner from afar, a love egg might be the perfect addition to your collection.

Enhancing the Experience: Diverse Features of Love Eggs

The realm of egg vibrators is as diverse as the fantasies they help to fulfill. As they evolve, the market is brimming with love eggs boasting advanced technologies and unique features. In this segment, we’ll delve deeper into the myriad of features that make these toys truly spectacular.

Remote Control – The Game Changer

The inclusion of a remote control with most egg vibrators has significantly intensified the world of intimate toys. Whether it’s a physical, remote control egg or an app control, these features allow for:

Solo Play Fun

You can lie back and switch between vibration modes without the need to touch the love egg directly.

Adventurous Couples Play

Handing over the remote control to a partner can be thrilling. Imagine being at a restaurant or cinema and letting your partner decide the rhythm and intensity of your pleasure, leading to discreet public play.

Long Distance Love

With the advancements in technology, brands like Lovense Lush 3 have developed feature rich app-rich apps that let partners control the vibrations from thousands of miles away – a boon for long-distance couples!

Patterns, Speeds, and Everything In-Between

Vibration patterns and speeds play a crucial role in determining the pleasure quotient of a vibrating egg. While some people prefer the consistent hum of a single-speed vibrating love egg, others are drawn to the exciting unpredictability of multiple vibration settings.

Lovense Lush 3, for instance, has made a mark with its extensive range of vibration speeds and patterns, from a gentle purr to an intense rumble. Similarly, Vibe Jive offers three speeds and seven patterns, ensuring there’s a rhythm for every mood.

Material Matters: The Charm of Body-Safe Silicone

When it comes to intimate toys, the material is paramount. Most of the best egg vibrators, like those from Cal Exotics, are made from body-safe silicone. This material is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and feels silky against the skin. Additionally, the slightly flexible nature of silicone makes it ideal for adapting to one’s body contours, enhancing internal and external stimulation.

Power and Battery Life: Going the Distance

Nothing can be more frustrating than a toy running out of charge at a crucial moment. Fortunately, brands have recognized this and are continually innovating to extend battery life. USB rechargeable options, like Svakom Ella, promise longer playtimes and ensure you don’t have to keep buying batteries.

App-controlled egg vibrators are also evolving to provide more extended sessions extra stimulation. Whether it’s through optimizing battery consumption or developing better batteries, the focus is clear: longer, uninterrupted pleasure.

Diverse Play: G-Spot, Clitoral, and Even Anal Stimulation

While love eggs are primarily designed for vaginal use, their versatility extends their range of use. Their rounded shape and powerful vibrations make them suitable for g-spot stimulation. However, many also find them fantastic for clitoral or even anal stimulation, although one should always be cautious and use toys specifically designed for anal play to ensure safety.

Brands That Shine: Leading the Egg Vibrator Market

As the popularity of love eggs has soared, several brands have risen to the forefront, defining standards and pushing boundaries. From sophisticated designs to robust technologies, these brands have made an indelible mark in the sex toy industry. Let’s take a closer look.

Lovense Lush Series: The Gold Standard

The Lovense Lush 3 is the latest in the Lush series, and it’s clear why this brand remains a top favorite. Packed with features like long-distance control, a plethora of vibration settings, and crafted from body-safe silicone, it’s the go-to for many looking for app-controlled egg vibrators. Whether for solo play, teasing in public, or connecting with a partner from afar, the Lush 3 stands tall among love eggs.

Svakom Ella: Elegance Meets Technology

When you think of a vibrating love egg that combines aesthetics with functionality, Svakom Ella comes to mind. It’s USB rechargeable, ensuring long playtimes and fewer interruptions. The matching gift box that comes with it oozes sophistication, making it an excellent gift for special occasions.

Cal Exotics: Pioneering Pleasure

This brand has a range of egg-shaped vibrators that are known for their power and reliability. What sets Cal Exotics apart is their emphasis on ergonomics, ensuring that their products aren’t just powerful, but also comfortable and intuitive to use.

We-Vibe Jive: Innovation at its Best

We-Vibe Jive is often seen as the direct competitor to the Lovense Lush, and for good reasons. Its deep, rumbly vibrations coupled with the We-Connect app make it a favorite for long distance couples. It’s designed not just for pleasure, but also for comfort during extended wear, making it perfect for adventurous, discreet public play.

Fifty Shades of Grey Series: Kinky and Luxurious

Inspired by the globally renowned series, the Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Egg is all about luxury and kink. With its sleek design, wireless remote control, and a multitude of vibration patterns, it’s made to satiate those who love a mix of luxury with their pleasure.

Understanding the strengths of each brand can help users decide which egg vibrator suits their unique needs and desires. From those who seek feature-rich apps for long-distance play to those who prioritize aesthetics, there’s an egg vibrator for everyone.

Picking the Perfect Egg Vibrator: Things to Consider

The world of love eggs is vast and varied. While we’ve explored some top brands and their offerings, choosing the best love egg vibrator for your specific needs requires a deeper understanding. Let’s delve into some factors that might influence your decision.

Type of Control: App vs. Physical Remote

The method of control is pivotal. While some people swear by app-controlled egg vibrators like the Lovense Lush 3 or the We-Vibe Jive, others prefer the tactile feel of a physical remote. App controls offer flexibility, especially for long-distance relationships. However, a dedicated remote control can provide a more straightforward and immediate response.

Material: Safety First

Always ensure the egg vibrator you’re considering is made from body-safe silicone or other non-porous materials. Not only is silicone smooth to the touch, but it’s also hypoallergenic and easy to clean, making it a preferred choice for many.

Vibrations: Patterns, Speeds, and Strength

Every person’s pleasure preference is unique. Some might crave the deep, rumbly vibes of powerful egg vibrators, while others might prioritize a broad range of vibration patterns and speeds. It’s crucial to check the specs to ensure your chosen product aligns with your desires.

Battery Life: Keeping the Fun Going

There’s nothing more disappointing than a toy running out of juice in the heat of the moment. Opt for products known for their extended battery life, or consider USB rechargeable options like Svakom Ella for convenience.

G Spot vs. Clitoral Stimulation

While many vibrating love eggs are designed for internal use and G spot stimulation, they can also be used externally for clitoral stimulation. Decide on the primary purpose for your egg vibrator to narrow down your choices.

Additional Features

Some egg vibrators come with added bonuses. Whether it’s a matching gift box for that touch of luxury, temperature play compatibility, or features tailored for anal stimulation, be sure to look beyond just the basic functions.


The spectrum of the best egg vibrators in the market varies in price. While splurging on the very best egg vibrators might provide a feature-rich experience, there are plenty of budget-friendly options that don’t skimp on pleasure.

Expanding Your Play: Unconventional Uses for Love Eggs

Love eggs, due to their versatile design, are not just limited to the usual methods of pleasure. There are myriad ways these little wonders can be used to spice up your sessions, whether solo or with a partner.

Discreet Public Play

For the adventurous, using a remote control love egg in public settings can be exhilarating. The thrill of maintaining composure while experiencing discreet pleasure is truly one-of-a-kind. Just ensure you’re respectful of those around you. Devices with silent modes, like the Lovense Lush 3, are ideal for such escapades.

Long Distance Teasing

One of the most alluring aspects of app-controlled egg vibrators is the ability for long-distance play. For couples in long-distance relationships, this adds a layer of intimacy. By allowing your partner control of your love with remote control egg vibrators, you can experience closeness even when miles apart.

Pelvic Floor Training

While pleasure is a major focus, love eggs can also be used for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. By holding the egg inside, you engage these muscles, which can lead to better orgasms and increased overall pelvic health.

Oral Pleasures Enhanced

Incorporate the vibrating sensations of an egg vibrator during oral sex to intensify the experience. While one partner enjoys the caress of the tongue, the other can bask in the rumbly goodness of the the vibrating egg vibrator, alternating rhythms for a dynamic duo of sensations.

Layered with Other Toys

Why stop at one toy when you can use two? Using an egg vibrator in tandem with other sex toys, such as a rabbit vibrator, can provide dual stimulation. The internal caress of the love or remote control egg vibrator, combined with the external touch of another device, can be overwhelmingly pleasurable.

Temperature Play

Some love eggs, particularly those made of body-safe silicone, can adapt to different temperatures. Placing your love egg in warm water or chilling it for a while before play can add an extra sensory experience, heightening arousal.

Cal Exotics and Shades of Grey – Special Mentions

Brands like Cal Exotics have revolutionized the egg vibrator market. Their diverse range offers something for everyone. Similarly, the Fifty Shades of Grey series introduced a slew of luxury love eggs, combining pleasure with pop culture appeal.

Top-Rated Love Eggs: A Quick Review

In the world of love eggs, some names stand out more than others, thanks to their impressive features, user reviews, and innovative designs. Here, we’ll delve into some of the best egg vibrators, helping you find your perfect match.

1. Lovense Lush 3

Lovense Lush 3 is a major player in the love egg arena. This upgraded model boasts improvements from its predecessors.

  • Vibration Modes: With a wide array of vibration settings, users can customize their experiences.
  • Battery Life: Lasts impressively long, suitable for extended sessions.
  • App Controlled: Perfect for long-distance couples or discreet public play.
  • G-Spot Precision: Curved to hit the right spot for intense internal stimulation.

Cons: Some users find the app control to have occasional connectivity issues.

2. Svakom Ella

The Svakom Ella is not just a pretty face. This vibrating love egg packs a punch while offering a luxurious feel.

  • Vibration Patterns: A diverse range that caters to every preference.
  • USB Rechargeable: Easy and convenient, with a good battery life.
  • Wireless Remote Control: Allows for easy adjustments or partner play.
  • Silky Material: Made of body-safe silicone, it feels as good as it looks.

Cons: Might be slightly on the pricier side for beginners.

3. Vibe Jive

Another standout, the Vibe Jive is known for its powerful vibrations and ergonomic design.

  • G-Spot Stimulation: Its shape is ideal for hitting the G-spot effectively.
  • Three Speeds & Patterns: Designed to cater to varied desires.
  • Remote Control Option: Both app control and physical remote available, enhancing versatility.
  • Discreet: Its quiet operation ensures private moments remain private.

Cons: The size might be a bit big for those new to internal toys.

4. Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations

Inspired by the popular series, this love egg promises relentless pleasure.

  • Multiple Vibration Modes: Ranging from gentle to intensely powerful.
  • Remote Control: For hands-free pleasure or couple’s play.
  • Body-Safe Silicone: Ensuring a comfortable, safe experience.
  • Matching Gift Box: Because luxury is in the details.

Cons: A bit of a premium price, but many users find it worth the splurge.

5. Cal Exotics Remote Egg

Cal Exotics brings its A-game with this versatile love egg.

  • Powerful Egg Vibrator: Despite its compact size, it promises intense sensations.
  • Waterproof: Great for adventurous playtimes, even in the shower.
  • Battery Life: Impressive longevity for longer sessions.
  • Remote Controlled: For solo or partnered fun.

Cons: The remote might have a limited range for some users.

The Intricacies of Using and Maintaining Love Eggs

Love eggs, with their discreet designs and powerful vibrations, can be a delightful addition to anyone’s toy collection. However, understanding their operation, care, and potential applications can elevate the experience. Let’s dive deeper into the realm of remote control love egg vibrators.

Getting Started with Your Egg Vibrator

For those new to love eggs, the initial step is understanding how to use them. While each model may come with its specific instructions, here are some general guidelines:

  • Insertion: Apply a water-based lubricant to the egg vibrator for smooth insertion. The tapered end often goes in first, targeting the G-spot.
  • Controls: Familiarize yourself with the controls, be it a physical remote, wireless remote control, or an app-controlled interface.
  • External vs. Internal Stimulation: While many use the egg vibe for internal stimulation, it can also be positioned against the clitoris for external stimulation.

Remote Play and Long-Distance Relationships

A significant feature of the best egg vibrators is remote control. This offers:

  • Partner Play: Let your partner take the reins, controlling the vibrations.
  • Long-Distance Control: With app-controlled egg vibrators, those in long-distance relationships can still share intimate moments, regardless of the miles separating them. The Lovense Lush 3 and Svakom Ella, for example, excel in this area.

Maintaining Your Vibrating Egg

Caring for your egg vibrator ensures it remains in top condition, offering safe and pleasurable sessions.

  • Cleaning: Use a toy cleaner or warm soapy water to clean your love egg vibrator after every use. Ensure it’s dried properly before storage.
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Some come with a matching gift box which is ideal for safekeeping.
  • Battery: Always remember to check the battery life. For rechargeables like the Vibe Jive, ensure it’s adequately charged for uninterrupted play.

Egg-Shaped Delights Beyond the Bedroom

Did you know that egg vibrators like the Lovense Lush 3 can also be beneficial for strengthening pelvic floor muscles? When inserted, the muscles work to keep the toy in place. Over time, this can lead to a stronger pelvic floor.

The Final Word on Egg Vibes

Love eggs, whether for solo or couple’s play, represent a fusion of design, functionality, and pleasure. From the powerful egg vibrator variants to those optimized for long distance couples like the Lovense Lush 3, there’s something for everyone. As we venture on, we’ll explore some hidden gems in the world of love eggs and delve into the nuances of their features.

Choosing the Best Egg Vibrator for Your Needs

Love eggs have taken the world of intimate toys by storm, offering unparalleled pleasure packed in a compact form. But with so many choices everything egg vibrators out there, how does one decide which one to pick? Let’s embark on a guide to select the very best egg vibrator tailored to your desires.

Identifying Your Pleasure Points

  1. G-spot Lovers: For those who relish G-spot stimulation, select an egg vibrator with a slightly curved or pronounced end. This shape ensures that the toy perfectly targets this sensitive area inside.
  2. External Aficionados: If you’re more inclined towards clitoral stimulation, choose a vibrating egg with a broader, flatter base. This ensures better contact with the clitoris.
  3. Adventurous Souls: For those who enjoy both internal and external stimulation, consider an egg vibrator that comes with dual functionalities, or maybe even pair it with another toy, like a rabbit vibrator.

Controlling the Vibes: Remote Vs. App

The power of an egg vibrator often lies in its controls:

  • Physical Remotes: Traditional remote controls offer tactile feedback and are great for same room play. A remote control vibrating egg can be handed over to a partner, adding an element of surprise to the mix.
  • App Control: Modern egg vibrators, like the Lovense Lush 3, have app-controlled capabilities. This is ideal for long-distance play, allowing your partner to control the toy from anywhere in the world.

Power and Patterns

Everyone has a unique preference when it comes to vibrations:

  • Intensity: If you crave strong sensations, look for powerful egg vibrators that boast robust motors.
  • Variety: For those who enjoy switching things up, opt for egg vibes with multiple vibration modes and vibration settings. The Lovense Lush 3, for instance, offers a vast range of vibration patterns.

Material and Maintenance

Safety and comfort should always be paramount:

  • Material: Always go for body-safe silicone. It’s hypoallergenic and feels velvety against the skin.
  • Cleaning: Since most egg shaped vibrators are used internally, regular and thorough cleaning is crucial. Ensure the vibrator is waterproof to make the cleaning process easier.
  • Charging: Opt for USB rechargeable toys like Svakom Ella to ensure you never run out of power midway.

Brands to Trust

Several renowned brands are making waves in the love egg industry:

  • Lovense: Known for its powerful app controlled toys like the Lovense Lush 3.
  • Svakom: They’ve crafted gems like Svakom Ella, renowned for its performance and elegance.
  • Cal Exotics: This brand is recognized for its diverse range of toys, with love eggs being no exception.

By identifying your preferences and understanding the variety of features available, choosing the best egg vibrator becomes a delightful journey. As we proceed, we’ll look into specific products that have become favorites in the community and offer insights into how to enhance your experience with them.

Delving Deeper: Popular Egg Vibrator Models and Their Features

Venturing into the realm of love eggs can feel like entering a treasure trove of pleasure. With a plethora of options to choose from, here’s a deeper look at some of the most popular egg vibrators and their standout features.

Lovense Lush 3

The Lovense Lush 3 remains a firm favorite in the world of vibrating love eggs. Here’s why:

  • Power and Patterns: With its wide range of vibration settings, this powerful egg vibrator can offer gentle teases or intense sensations based on your mood.
  • App Control: Using the Lovense app, this app-controlled egg vibrator can be manipulated from any distance, making it ideal for long distance couples.
  • G-Spot Precision: Its design ensures optimal G-spot stimulation, making every session memorable.
  • Battery Life: The Lovense Lush 3 boasts an impressive battery life, so you’re never left wanting.

Svakom Ella

Svakom Ella stands out not just for its design but its unique features:

  • Dual Ends: One end of this egg vibe offers deep, rumbly vibrations, while the other is perfect for external stimulation.
  • USB Rechargeable: No need to worry about changing batteries; a quick charge ensures you’re ready for action.
  • Silky Silicone: Made with body-safe silicone, it feels soft and luxurious against the skin.

Vibe Jive by We-Vibe

Another gem in the egg vibrator category is the Vibe Jive:

  • Ergonomic Design: Its unique shape ensures comfortable wear and optimal clitoral stimulation.
  • Remote Control Option: Whether you prefer a physical remote or an app, the Vibe Jive caters to both.
  • Multiple Vibration Modes: Tailor your experience by choosing from various vibration modes.

Cal Exotics Relentless Vibrations Egg

From the brand Cal Exotics, this particular vibrating egg offers:

  • Three Speeds: Perfect for those who like to keep things simple yet versatile.
  • Remote Controlled: The wireless remote control allows for exciting play, especially with a partner.
  • G-spot and Clitoral Joy: Its design ensures pleasure both internally and externally.

Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Egg

For those who enjoyed the popular book and movie series, the Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Egg is a treat:

  • Sleek Design: Its egg-shaped form ensures comfortable insertion and optimal pleasure.
  • Multiple Vibration Patterns: Choose your adventure with a variety of vibration patterns.
  • Remote Control Play: Add an element of surprise by handing the remote control to a partner.

These are just a few popular models in the vast world of egg vibrators. Each offers unique features that cater to different desires and preferences. In the next section, we’ll delve into how to use these toys to their maximum potential and the various play scenarios they can enhance. Whether you’re looking for solo pleasure, couple’s play, or even discreet public play, there’s an egg vibrator designed just for you.

FAQs on Egg Vibrators

1. How do you use an egg vibrator?

Using an egg vibrator is relatively straightforward. First, ensure your toy is fully charged or has fresh batteries. Apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to the vibrator. You can then insert the love egg for internal stimulation or use it externally for clitoral or other erogenous zones stimulation. Most egg vibrators come with a remote control or an app control feature, allowing you or a partner to adjust the vibration settings to your preference.

2. Can egg vibrators be used for anal stimulation?

While some people use egg vibrators for anal stimulation, it’s essential to ensure that the toy has a flared base or a retrieval string to prevent it from getting lost inside. If your egg vibrator doesn’t have this feature, it’s better to stick to vaginal use.

3. Are egg vibrators safe for public use?

Many egg vibrators, especially those with remote controls or app controls, are designed for discreet public play. Ensure the volume of your toy is low enough to be unnoticeable and always prioritize your comfort and safety.

4. How do I clean my egg vibrator?

Cleaning your egg vibrator is crucial for maintaining good hygiene. Most egg vibrators can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. However, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. For egg vibrators made of body-safe silicone, using a sex toy cleaner is also an option.

5. What type of lubricant should I use with my egg vibrator?

It’s recommended to use a water-based lubricant with egg vibrators, especially those made of silicone. This ensures the material doesn’t degrade over time.