Heading off on a solo holiday this year? As you should! Sometimes we all need to escape the outside world and treat ourselves to some TLC, it’s important to take time away from our hectic work schedules and deadlines. No need for company when you have your bedroom BFF packed in your suitcase! Why not indulge in self pleasure whilst you are away soaking up the sun. You are solo after all, so you won’t need to worry about any interruptions! Make the most of it. Be as crazy as you like…

Never feel ashamed 

Don’t feel embarrassed at security, they see it everyday! If you feel self conscious about taking your favourite vibrator through security, don’t be! Own it. Trust me security isn’t looking for how many dildos you are taking away with you to Bali…if anything they will be jealous that it’s not them..

Care for your toys

Make sure you are packing your toys safely and with care, the last thing you want is for them to get damaged. Heartbreak! Pop them in the bag or box you received it in to keep it extra safe and then pack it in place you know it will be okay in your luggage. Don’t lose it, you will be lost without it!

Keep your toys clean!

Don’t forget your cleaner! Make sure you are still maintaining the same cleanliness with your toys even when you are away. If you leave them left out on the side you are welcoming in outside bacteria and the last thing you want is a UTI when you are on vacation! Every girl’s worst nightmare. After a session in bed or if you’re feeling wild even on the balcony… nothing our organic cleaners can’t fix. 

It’s all about you remember…

One way ticket to self pleasure please! Use this alone time to really explore and discover more about yourself. It is important that we learn and get to know our bodies and discover what our sexual desires are. Taking the time to pleasure yourself is a crucial part of your self care routine. Knowing what you like in the bedroom will make it easier for you to communicate to your partner, whether that’s a new flame you meet on the beach or your long term lover patiently waiting for your return to the bedroom at home.

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