From the clitoris to the shaft, anus and nipples, and even the perineum (behind the scrotum but before the anus) there’s no lack of places to target when you’re looking to satiate your desire. But there are also some less obvious choices to try that you might not have discovered yet…

1. Earlobe
Our ears are another area covered in nerve endings – meaning they’re a great place to tease with gentle bites and kisses. Even whispering what you’d like to do to them, with your lips close to your partner’s ear, can be incredibly erotic.

2. Behind the knees
Surprisingly intimate, the back of the knees are full of delicate nerves and super-sensitive to the touch. Stroke or kiss the area gently before working your way up the thighs.

3. Lower abdomen
That’s right, rubbing or kissing the spot on your stomach just below your belly button can be pretty hot if done right. It’s tender and the perfect place to start before moving downward for oral sex.

4. Neck
From the nape to the hollow of the throat, the entire neck is an erogenous zone. It’s one of the most vulnerable parts of our bodies, which means touching it can be really sensual. Gently stroking and kissing the skin all around the neck is a great way to turn up the heat.

5. Buttocks
The butt might seem obvious, but the buttocks themselves are often overlooked for the penetrative pleasure of plugs or dildos. Build up the intensity by starting with some light stroking, squeezing or whipping of the cheeks before introducing your partner’s preference of toy.

6. Brain
An easy one to overlook – but also the most important. Learning what stimulates someone else – be it anal play, massage or bondage – is all down to communication, and it’s the key to a satisfying sexual relationship.