Have you ever had a partner ask for a massage, and you agreed, but then you realised you had no idea what you were doing? You’re not alone. If on a scale of 1-10, you rate your massage skills any lower than a 7, you could use some help. As luck would have it, when you’re tackling a sensual massage with your partner, it’s not just about the technique. Effort and enthusiasm count, but the best way to make it super lush and sexy is to use an incredible organic massage oil like our new Organic Massage Oil. We want you to be the best partner and lover you can be because every couple deserves a great sex life and true intimacy. Let us help you make the most of a night in with our suggestions for the best DIY Full Body Massage either of you has ever had. 

Give them what they want and need

Full body massage is a very popular form of intimate massage that involves massaging the whole body from head to toe. In a professional setting, more often than not, a full body massage finishes with a ‘happy ending’. When you give a DIY Full Body Massage to a partner, you have the opportunity to take things as far as you are comfortable with. Enjoy the very happiest of endings in the comfort of your own home with DIY full body massage and the help of our Organic Massage Oil. 

Sadly, it is not uncommon for people in otherwise loving relationships to feel like they are missing touch and intimacy from their partner. As humans, we require touch. It’s how we learn to show affection, articulate our early needs, and later, how we transition into adulthood as our desires for touch become more complex and sexual. Touch has the capacity to help and heal, to soothe and invigorate. Touching your partner, in ways they consent to and enjoy, is one of the best parts of being in a relationship. All the better if they are truly enjoying it too. Massage is inherently intimate, and the more of their body you explore, the more intimate it becomes. Giving your partner a full body massage at home is a powerful way to connect. Communicate the idea to your partner and see if they are enthusiastic about the prospect. 

Preparing for a massage

Leaping straight into the massage is fine, but you’ll really dazzle your beloved if you plan ahead and put some effort into the space and the supplies. Picture this: a room softly illuminated by the flickering light of candles, creating a dance of shadows on the walls. You’ve chosen scents that act like love potions, with candles infused with the intoxicating aroma of roses or the earthy allure of sandalwood, sparking a sensory journey. In the backdrop, there’s a playlist of sultry, romantic melodies, setting the stage for an evening drenched in love and closeness.

Now, think of the sanctuary you’ve created in your bathroom. The bathtub is an inviting oasis, ready to transport you both into a shared experience of indulgence. Envision luxurious bath products – sensuous oils, and tantalizing soaps – waiting to be discovered by both of you. It’s more than a bath; it’s an invitation to a sensory exploration, a symphony of touch, scent, and emotion.

Gather the following:


  • Towels or bedding you don’t mind staining 
  • A quality massage oil like our Organic Massage Oil – the smell is heavenly and your skin will thank you!
  • Scented candles, soft music, low lighting 
  • Inflatable mattress (optional) – a blow-up bed is the perfect place to enjoy a full body massage instead of regular furniture like the bed or couch, which can be tricky to clean if you have any spills.

The more thoughtful the ambiance, the better the vibe of the massage, and the more sensual and enjoyable it will be. 

Create a sensual mood

Appealing to all five senses is a great way to approach the set up of your DIY Full Body Massage. 

  • Sight – tidy up, even just a bit. A clutter-free space will help both of you focus and relax, two essential concepts for sensual pleasure.
  • Touch – Warm your Simply Massage Oil. Simply set the tightly closed bottle in warm (not hot) water for a few minutes. Encouraging your hands to linger on your body (or your partner’s) will heighten and extend the experience.
  • Smell – Eliminate distracting or unpleasant smells so you can enjoy the balanced blend of Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang. Both these scents are known aphrodisiacs and both have properties that soothe the skin and promote relaxation.
  • Sound – Quiet music is perfect. Choose music that is calm and rhythmic to promote relaxation and help you become more intune with each other’s heartbeats.
  • Taste – Before you begin, prepare yourself some refreshments for after the massage is done. A light snack of fruit and plenty of water is a nice way to treat yourselves afterward.  

Begin with a bath (or shower)

A bath or shower with your partner is a wonderful way to connect through intimacy. Having a hot shower before your massage also warms your skin and muscles for the treatment they are about to receive. Our massage oil feels even better on warm damp skin! The last thing you want is undue friction in your relationship or your massage! Slowing down before a massage is a challenge for many busy-brained people. Enjoy the sensuality of showering or bathing with your partner. It is a great way to quiet the mind and awaken the senses. Since a full body massage is as much mental as it is physical, take the time to get into a more mellow frame of mind. Take all the time you want to in the shower to get comfortable and amorous.

Don’t get too fussed over technique

Trust us, your partner isn’t adjudicating your massage skills, they are too busy enjoying your touch and the effort you have shown with the massage. Don’t worry about the quality of the massage, focus on the quality of the entire experience. Your partner will appreciate your intention, focus, and effort and that means much more than a technically flawless massage.  As lovers, obviously, it’s totally okay for your massage to evolve into something more. A complete full-body massage is a fantastic addition to your usual foreplay! Use it as often as you like and see your skills improve! The goal is to engage your bodies together and enjoy the intimate slipperiness between you. How you accomplish that is entirely up to you, and don’t let any limitations of your body’s abilities dampen the mood.

It’s all in the breathing

Breathwork will help you mentally engage in an intimate exercise like erotic massage with a partner. Breathe together, and use “belly breaths”. A belly breath is simply a slow deep inhalation/exhalation that stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system. This allows your body to enter a state of focused relaxation, an important part of arousal. To do a belly breath follow this pattern: 

  • Inhale slowly through your nose, spending a full count of 8 to fill your lungs
  • Once full, holds that breath for a count of 6
  • Slowly exhale through your mouth, spending another full count of 8 to push the air out of your lungs

Repeat this sequence four times, together. Holding hands and gazing into one another’s eyes as you regulate your breathing with your partner is a wonderful building block for intimacy.

Use the best massage oils

Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the oil. We are obviously partial to our Simply Massage Oil and we promise, your massage will be much sexier and more comfortable if you are generous with it. If you’re hesitant because you worry about your complexion, there’s no need. Our SImply Massage Oil is non-comedogenic. It won’t make your skin break out! Remember: slippery is sexy! Don’t be shy with the oil and allow yourselves to revel in the slickness as you enjoy each other’s glossy, warm, slippery bodies. 

Be a conscientious masseuse

Communicating with your partner is essential throughout the massage. Check in on the pressure you’re using and where your hands are traveling. A sensual massage should be stress free and fun, not to mention sexy. Unnecessarily pushing someone’s boundaries or not listening to their needs is a waste of a great massage. Always be open minded to feedback and solicit feedback as you go. Ensuring that your partner’s comfort and consent is always considered will make pleasure and exploration much easier and more exciting for both of you. 

Take the long way

As tempting as it is to rush straight into touching your partner’s most sensitive spots, a massage is a great way to set a slower, more intimate pace while arousing them. Their orgasm may or not be an immediate goal for you, but if it is on the table, take your time getting there. The most erotic massages titillate, increasing the sexual tension to its breaking point. Enjoy the interplay of tease and denial. Start the massage innocently enough, slowly honing in on their erogenous zones, and eventually narrowing your focus to their genitals. How you get them across the finish line, so to speak, is up to the two of you. 

Getting down to it

Build excitement in your partner throughout the massage, by having them lay on their front in a comfortable position. This will give you access to their feet,  legs, buttocks, and back for the first half of the massage. Even if you are incredibly excited, make sure that you don’t rush! 

Begin the massage with the soles of your partner’s feet. Rub their feet, especially the balls of their feet and their heels, working your way up and around their ankles. Move the massage up their calves and the backs of their thighs. No tickling! Move along their hips into the small of their back.The bum/buttocks/bottom is a major erogenous zone for both men and women. Because it is such a hot spot, you don’t want to rush into touching it too soon, and you will definitely want to linger there. By now they should be very intrigued and invested in the rest of the massage. Let your hands slip over their buttocks. Feeling generous? Knead the cheeks before moving your hands to their back. Slide your hands up their back and shoulders, working your way down their arms to their palms and fingertips. Take your time and consider their responses. Use that information to tease and indulge. This completes the back side of the massage. 


Time to turn over

Once they have flipped over, begin at their feet again, gently massaging the tops of their feet, rotating the joints of their ankles, and moving up their legs to their abdomen. Communicate with them as you touch them, and work your way up to their shoulders and arms. By now your partner will no doubt be squirming and wanting more of your touch. By teasing and extending the massage away from the genitals and other erogenous zones you are prolonging and intensifying their pleasure. When they are sufficiently relaxed and adequately aroused, then you can turn your focus towards their most intimate parts.

The massage oil is there to be used

Remember: the skin is constantly absorbing oil from the moment it makes contact, so re-application will be needed. As you zero in on your partner’s genitals and help them careen towards an explosive orgasm, don’t let things get dry. Keep is sexy and slippery and they will be popping off in no time. Now you can decide if it’s time to call it a wrap or swap places. Giving a massage with no expectations of reciprocation is very generous and caring. It’s also okay to make it mutual and massage each other, or take turns.

In the afterglow

After the massages are finished and the orgasms have been had, it is time to relax and be absolutely blissful. Use this time to debrief about the experience, catch up on hydration and snacks (that pre-made fruit platter will come in handy), and enjoy the afterglow together. 

Clean up carefully

As soon as you can, without wrecking the mood, get your towels or drop cloth into the wash. Use a warm or cool setting in both the washer and dryer so you don’t make any oil stains permanent with the heat. Repeat if needed. Take particular care walking around after a massage. Spilled oil will topple you onto your arse if you’re not careful! Wipe up any spills using a bit of washing up liquid to cut the grease and make your floors safe to walk on. 

Make plans for the next one

Assuming your massage session was a success (how could it not be?), make plans to do it again. Use what you have learned to make the next at home massage even more sensual and intimate, and whatever you do … don’t forget to order yourself more massage oil! 


Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.