If you want to get heated in the bedroom, try to cool it down first. The cold sensations will stimulate neuroreceptors under the skin adding a little excitement into the bedroom


Before you get started make sure you have everything you need as this can get a little messy. Make sure you grab a clean towel or cloth to wipe up any drips of water. Make sure your ice has been left out for a few minutes so it’s not going to be too cold for your partner.


It’s nippy in here! 

Try rubbing the ice on your partner’s nipple then have your partner warm them back up with their mouth. 


Try a blind fold!

This can add to the anticipation of where you are going to put the ice onto your partner. Leave the genitals until last so that your partner is always wanting more and more. Starting from the back where the skin is less sensitive. Try our TNLC adjustable cork leather blindfold. 


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