The Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of our lives, not just our work and social lives, but also our sex lives. Sweeping Government restrictions have shut pubs and night-clubs, and lockdown restrictions have meant that the idea of going on a Tinder date is someone what taboo, even meeting up with your boyfriend at home can be off the cards in some corners of our world; all of these restrictions have limited our promiscuity.

Even those couples who live together have been impacted, for better or worse, whether that be that there isn’t much more to do than make love, or that the stress of lockdown has negatively impacted your love life. The effects of the above have been similar across the board, whether that be stress, isolation, loneliness or just plain old boredom, but thankfully there is a tonic to these physiological lockdown effects, self-love.

The positive effects of self-love (masturbation) are well documented, and just perfect for these austere times, from the dopamine release during sexual activity and orgasms which fuels feelings of pleasure and happiness to combat the lockdown blues, to the testosterone level raising impacts of having sex which further increases your libido – that’s some positive feedback loop!

But what if you just can’t get in the mood to masturbate or have sex in the first instance? You’re not alone. These are not sexy times, but here are some of our top tips to get things started:

  1. Set the mood – Lights, camera, action. Well, maybe not a camera (unless that’s what you’re into), but setting mood lighting, light some candles and listening to some relaxing music will help to set the tone and relax the body making your mind more open to sex or self-love.
  2. Lube, lube, lube – Apply some lube to your penis or vagina, you don’t have to immediately start masturbating but just the act of lubing up can act as a mental and sensual libido trigger, especially when combined with tip #1 above.
  3. Leave the toys off first – We’ve designed our vibrators and dildos like Cassia & Saro to be effective even before they’re turned on. To help take things slowly, using the smooth silicone shapes to gently arouse your eroginous zones, you’ll soon be turned on and ready to hit ‘on’.

We hope you’ll remain postive and that these little tips help somewhat, but even if they don’t it’s important to remember that if you’ve noticed a drop in your libido during the pandemic then that is totally normal. There’s the uncertainty, the stress of the unknown and perhaps the kids being at home more than usual, plus oodles of other reasons why your libido could have naturally dropped. So don’t fret about it as that could just exacerbate things, but do go on and try the tips above and let us know how you get on!

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Photo by Filip Filkovic Philatz