Struggling to get going or need some inspiration? TNLC is here to help you ignite that desire again! It is totally normal to have times when your libido is lower than usual. Everything affects your sex drive whether that’s from general life stresses, medication, hormones or just general lifestyle habits. There’s lots of different things you can try to help you get back to feeling sexy in the bedroom again…

Regular exercise

Regular aerobic exercise is great for your general health and is also a great way of getting that sex drive back. As well as increasing your stamina it can also lift your mood and improve your self esteem. When you feel good inwardly you will feel equally as good outwardly. Having this boost will help you to get that drive back up and running…to the bedroom!


Communicate with your partner. If something isn’t working for you it is important for you to get that through to your partner. Sex is meant to be about pleasuring each other, not just one of you. Couples that can openly communicate have a much better chance of having better quality sex than someone pretending to enjoy something just to please their partner. Discussing your likes and dislikes can create a better level of sexual intimacy. 

Making time

Setting aside time for intimacy with your partner or yourself. It is very easy to get caught up in your busy work schedules and finding that work life balance can be what is ruining your vibe. Setting aside one or two evenings a week to spend some “quality” time together could reignite the spark you have been too busy for. Set shouldn’t feel like sex is something you have to add into your shared calendars but is important to make time for each other. 

Spice it up!

Add a little spice into your sex life. When you are doing the same stuff every time it can become boring and a habit. Try stepping out of your comfort zone together as a couple and try something new! There are many sex positions to be explored, maybe pick one each you want to try. If you both want to, try adding a new sex toy into the mix or grab a blind fold to try. The possibilities are endless once you start to explore! 

Don’t stress it.

Relax. Stress has one of the biggest impacts on your libido. When it’s time to get sexy with your partner… try to forget all your stresses and focus on the pleasure you are feeling in the moment. Orgasms are proved to be stress relievers anyway, so use that to your power. Those emails can wait…that big O can’t. 

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