It’s Plastic-Free July! The sex toy industry continues to grow at an outstandingly beautiful pace, yet the pile of waste left in its wake is anything but perfect. We have always done what we can to make sure that our products last far longer that the industry standard and that packaging and delivery are industry-leading in sustainability, but naturally now that we’ve been around a few years, some of those early purchases, (especially those that were well loved!) are coming to the end of their life cycle.

As the UK’s leading retailer in sustainable intimacy we are absolutely chuffed to announce the launch of ‘The Second Coming’, our sex toy recycling scheme here in the UK. This initiative aims to address the issue of electronic waste, specifically in the form of discarded sex toys, and promote environmentally-friendly practices in the intimacy industry. Find out more about our ‘The Second Coming’ recycling scheme HERE and read about all the ways we are playing our part in building a better future so you can “F**k yourself, not the planet!”

At The Natural Love Company it is our aim to bring you sensual satisfaction whilst contributing to the global effort to reduce plastic waste and protect marine life.

In our eco-friendly line of sex toys made from recycled ocean plastics each product is designed to create pleasure all whilst keeping sustainability at the forefront of it all. This is so important as you are not only putting your self pleasure first but you can also protect the planet whilst you are doing it, win win!

Did you know we plant a tree (well 2 trees actually) for every customer?!

As part of our orgasms4oxygen scheme we plant a tree for every purchase and another for every review we receive. You’ll even receive an email certification once it’s in the ground! We’re currently planting in Madagascar in light of the terrible deforestation they have experienced in recent years. Your tree will bring back displaced wildlife, reduce soil erosion, restore humidity conditions and CO2 sequestration.

We are powered by renewable energy.

In our office we are powered by renewable energy sources including wind, solar and hydro sites. This means that we aren’t just helping the ocean’s environment but we are also helping to lessen the damage of global warming as well as public health and many more benefits! Renewable energy is also providing affordable electricity across the country right now. In a current cost of living crisis using renewable energy will help to stabilise energy prices in the future.

Our packaging is single use plastic free!

In the sex toy industry, businesses are designing toys that just don’t last, by using disposable batteries and are packaged with single use plastic. Here at The Natural Love Company we can proudly say we are proud of our long product obsolescence, rechargeable batteries, our beautiful sustainable packaging with boxes that are fully recyclable and also our cute compostable cotton drawstring bags – all plastic free!

Our lubricants, toy cleaners and massage oils are all organic and vegan friendly.

Lube can be your best friend in the bedroom whether that’s if you struggle with dryness or just want to just get a bit messy with it! Some lubricants still contain animal derivatives, we would NEVER test our lubricant on animals. With our products you can get messy in the bedroom at the same time as making a difference!

We are a member of the ‘1% for the planet’.

This connects dollars with doers and offers a unique opportunity to drive positive change for our planet and future generations to come. They have funded over $250,000,000 of environmental projects. Working together we proudly pledge 1% of our turn over each year in support of their amazing work.

Read more on our Environmental Policy Page