Sex shouldn't cost the earth

So we do things a bit differently around here…


We plant a tree for each customer

(well 2 trees, actually)

As part of our orgasms4oxygen scheme we plant a tree for every purchase and another for every review we receive. You’ll even receive an email certification once it’s in the ground!

We’re currently planting in Madagascar in light of the terrible deforestation they have experienced in recent years. Your tree will bring back displaced wildlife, reduce soil erosion, restore humidity conditions and CO2 sequestration pretty cool.


We're a member of '1% for the planet'

‘1% for the planet’ connect dollars with doers, and has funded over $250,000,000 of environmental projects.

We pledge 1% of our turn-over each year in support of their fabulous work.


We're powered by renewable energy

Our office and servers are powered by renewable energy sources including wind, solar and hydro sites.

Every unit of electricity we’re supplied can be traced back to a renewable source.


Carbon NEGATIVE worldwide delivery.

We’ve partnered with The Ocean Foundation to restore vital ocean seagrass whilst simultaneous offsetting the carbon footprint of your delivery.

Did you know that 1 acre of seagrass habitat is 35x more effective at carbon uptake that 1 acre of rainforest?


Our packaging is single use plastic free

The sex toy industry is dirty, and not in the good way either. Products are often not made to last, use disposable batteries and are packaged with grotesque single use plastic.

We’re proud of our long product obsolescence, rechargeable batteries and our beautiful sustainable packaging. From our fully recyclable mailer boxes, to our cute compostable cotton drawstring bags – it’s all plastic-free!


Our lubricants are certified organic & vegan friendly

Did you know? Some lubricants contain animal derivatives? Yes, we were surprised too.

Our lubricants are organic, vegan friendly and NEVER tested on animals.

Just doing our bit

Thanks for taking the time to read how we align with your values on sustainability.

Let's get shopping!