Eco-friendly Sex Toys To Gift Yourself This Valentine’s Day


It’s that time of year again and unlike other years, there’s no need to be sad! Single is the new “In A Relationship” and you’ve finally figured out that the only love you need is self love. Woohoo! Nothing says self love like orgasms. I’m here to recommend which sex toys to gift yourself this Valentine’s day.


(Speaking of woohoos – can we start a petition for The Sims to add a woohoo action for our single sims please? It’d be much more relatable in my humble opinion. I’ve had tonnes more woohoos by myself than with partners. If sims can have sex, sims can masturbate. Maybe The Sims could grab a lil sex toy out of their bedside table. Too far?)


Valentine’s Day. Or as I like to call it, “How many orgasms can I achieve in the space of the next 24 hours” day. The answer? Way more than I’d achieve if I actually had a partner with me. 

We’re celebrating being our own Valentine, enjoying our own company, and embracing self pleasure and self love. Back in the day, I’d practice self pleasure with my own right hand, but over the years I’ve upgraded and now have a plethora of sex toys to experiment with. You deserve the same ease to orgasm. So lets get to it. Sex toys to gift yourself this Valentine’s day.

All of the toys I’m going to show you are vegan-friendly and packaged in 100% plastic free, recycled and recyclable packaging. They’re also sent off with a carbon negative worldwide delivery, a tree will be planted for you with every order and 1% of the profits go towards a non-profit organisation supporting environmental projects around the world.

If you are an existing customer of The Natural Love Company and based in the UK, you can take advantage of our Second Coming Recycling scheme completely free of charge.

My top picks for those with a vulva:

(Scroll to skip to toys for those with a penis)



Mini bullet vibrator


So maybe you’re not like me. You don’t have a treasure box full of vibes under your bed and you’d like to dip your toe in the water.


Bullet vibrator

Elemi mini bullet vibrator.


Elemi is the perfect discreet yet powerful little toy. Ideal for a minimalist who loves clit stimulation (that could be my new Instagram bio). It’s only 9cm in length.

A bullet vibrator is an old favourite for many people, and unlike many bullet vibrators, this one is USB rechargeable (no single use batteries!) and beautifully made with a soft silicone. Elemi has over an hour of play per charge, and 8 different settings to experiment with intensities. It’s also waterproof for a little bit of bath and shower fun. 



Classic rampant rabbit vibrating dildo


I’m a rabbit girl. If you’ve never used a rabbit, you NEED TO TRY A RABBIT. The moment you open the package and turn on the vibrating rabbit ears for the first time is unmatched. 

Saro is a little intimidating if you’re a newbie in the world of sex toys. But if you love dildos and clit stimulation, Saro would be your soulmate. You’ll be on your knees, begging for Saro to be your Valentine. It’s made with beautiful matte black and body safe silicone and curves perfectly to hit the sweet sweet G-spot. Saro is nice and girthy, so I like to use a little organic lube to make insertion amazingly slippery. 


Rabbit vibrator

Saro classic rampant rabbit dual stimulation vibrator.


It packs a punch, is USB rechargeable and can be used in water. Saro has 3 constant vibration intensities and 9 different vibrating patterns to try while making orgasmic memories together.



Versatile body massager


If you’re a little shy, Tulsi is the kind of vibrator that you can pass off as merely an innocent body massager. The best part is – you can even use it as one too! Soothing your muscles by day, stimulating your clit by night. Tulsi is the Valentine you want to take on a romantic weekend away.


Tulsi wand massager

Tulsi versatile body massager.


This wand is a delightfully small (for a wand) vibrator. If you’re hoping not to be single by next Valentine’s day, Tulsi would also be perfect to integrate into sex and massage fun with your partner(s). 

It has 12 settings to play with, all of which offer a different rhythm or strength of vibration. Tulsi’s also water friendly, USB rechargeable and crafted from silky soft and body-safe silicone.



The perfect hamper for your alone time


POV: You’re reading this, every option sounds fantastic and you want them ALL in your bedside drawer RIGHT NOW. Enter the Self Love Hamper. 



Yes, Elemi, Saro and Tulsi all in one beautiful package. Throw in a bottle of organic aloe vera lube and a 30 percent discount and you’ve got a match made in heaven. You and the Self Love Hamper. The kind of love that only exists in fairytales. 


To reiterate, the Self Love Hamper includes:



Mini bullet vibrator


Classic rampant rabbit vibrator


Versatile body massager


Organic water-based aloe vera lubricant


The Natural Love Company organic aloe vera water-based lube.

The Natural Love Company organic aloe vera water-based lube.


We don’t do self love in halves around here. You deserve a sensual orgy of love with all of the above this Valentine’s day. You deserve it. Do you know what? I deserve it. *adds to cart*



I may have a vulva, but I’m not leaving my penis weilding friends out of self love Valentine’s day.


Here are my top picks for those with a penis (yes, you’re allowed sex toys too):



Luxury penis masturbation cup


This is the optimal introductory sex toy for the penis. Male masturbation is more normalised than female masturbation but female sex toys are more normalised than male sex toys. Make it make sense, world.


Male masturbation cup

Bergamot luxury penis masturbation cup.


Bergamot is designed to cup delicately around the shaft of the penis. Think of a fleshlight but with an extra little sprinkle of class. Bergamot is soft to the touch, but has strong vibrations and has gentle ribbing for an exclusive and unparalleled experience. I recommend liberally applying some organic aloe lube for slippery goodness. 

It features 8 different easy to navigate vibrating rhythms, is USB rechargeable and can be used in the bath or shower. 



Vibrating prostate massager


This is for somebody a little more experienced in the realm of sex toys, or at least anal play. Maybe you had a finger up the bum once and you quite enjoyed it? Or maybe you’re more advanced and take pleasure in penetrative anal sex?


Prostate massager

Davana vibrating prostate massager.


Davana is designed to be inserted anally to stimulate the prostate (the male G-spot) with vibrations and also rotations. It rotates in circular stroking motions and has multiple settings offering different combinations of vibration and rotation. I genuinely wish I had a prostate so that I could try this toy. 

This massager can be worn simultaneously during penis play (maybe whilst also using Bergamot?). Davana has flexibility for comfortable placement and pressure on the perineum, for increased prostate sensation. 

It’s USB rechargable, waterproof and made of soft, smooth, body-safe black matte silicone. 



Whether you have a penis or a vulva, did you find something that tickles your fancy? (Or your clitoris?)

Are you inspired? Did you find some sex toys to gift yourself this Valentine’s day? Do you feel empowered about spending Valentine’s day with your own beautiful, sexy self? Do you feel even better about the fact that you’ll be practising self pleasure sustainably? I do.

I’m off to get an early start to my V-day with an orgasm. Saro… I’m coming for you. Literally.