Eco-friendly Sex Toys To Gift Your Partner This Valentines Day


So you’re looking for a sustainable Valentine’s gift for your partner? And sure, flowers and chocolates are cute – but do they give you orgasms? I’m going to show you my top sex toys to gift your partner(s) this Valentine’s day. Because nothing says “I love you” like an orgasm. 


All of the toys I’m going to show you are vegan-friendly and packaged in 100% plastic free, recycled and recyclable packaging. They’re dispatched to you with a carbon negative worldwide delivery. What’s more a tree will be planted with every order and 1% is donated towards a selection of non-profit organisations supporting environmental projects around the world.

If you are an existing customer of The Natural Love Company and based in the UK, you can take advantage of our Second Coming Recycling scheme completely free of charge.

Here’s my top 5 eco-friendly sex toys to gift your partner this valentines day:



Remote controlled vibrating love egg


Nepeta gives you the opportunity to have control over your partner’s pleasure. (Or for them to have control over yours). This toy is most suitable for people with a vulva, but can be used in many alternative ways. 

It comes with a remote control that can be operated from over 5 metres distance. Its smooth ridges, contours, small size and retrieval cord make Nepeta perfect for insertion. 


Vibrating love egg

Nepeta remote controlled vibrating love egg


This is a wonderful toy to experiment with power play around the house, or perhaps an enticing opportunity to dip your toes into public play under the table at Valentine’s dinner.

It’s made of easy to clean, body-safe silicone and is USB rechargeable (no single-use batteries!). Nepeta provides over 1 hour of play on a full charge, has 10 different vibrating modes and 4 intensity levels – so there’s plenty to play with.



A soft, padded blindfold and two satin restraints


Maybe a vibrator doesn’t suit your particular Valentine, or maybe you just want to think outside the box? Yuzu is an ideal Valentine’s gift and unmatched way to introduce kink play into sex with your partner. It includes a comfortable romantic lace enveloped blindfold and two vegan satin restraints that are suitable for both wrists and ankles and feel nice against the skin.


Eco-friendly Sex Toys To Gift Your Partner This Valentines Day

Yuzu padded blindfold and satin restraints


Its soft, lacey and sexy design invites you to try out the subtle art of sensory deprivation with your partner. Yuzu would be exciting to receive and could open up all kinds of doors of experimentation for your sex life.



Vibrating cock ring with rabbit ears


Cilantro is a thoughtful present if your partner has a vulva and perhaps has trouble reaching orgasm via penetrative sex alone. The soft, silicone vibrating rabbit ears stimulate the clitoris as you thrust for the ultimate pleasurable experience. 

Cock rings are flexible and designed to be worn around the base of the penis with the purpose of restricting blood flow to produce and maintain a stronger erection for a longer period of time. Since Cilantro also has the purpose of providing vibration and clit stimulation, it can also be used around a dildo or a strap-on if neither you nor your partner has a penis.


Eco-friendly Sex Toys To Gift Your Partner This Valentines Day

Vibrating cock ring with bunny ears, Cilantro


Cilantro’s range of 7 vibrating patterns and intensities mean you’ll be able to find a suitable setting for both of you to enjoy. Cilantro is USB rechargeable and made of body-safe and easy to clean silicone.



Remote controlled mini bullet vibrator 


Simple, classic and understated, Elemi-R is perfect for beginners and sex toy novice’s while introducing the excitement power play as and when you wish. Elemi-R is best suited for somebody with a vulva, but is extremely versatile and can be used in any way you desire. 


Eco-friendly Sex Toys To Gift Your Partner This Valentines Day

Remote controlled bullet vibrator, Elemi-R


Elemi-R offers you control of its 10 different vibrating settings while allowing your partner the freedom of placing the toy where they wish. The bullet can also be used without the remote control.

This bullet and remote partnership flaunts a minimalist design and is small enough to fit discreetly into your bag for a romantic Valentine’s weekend away. It’s made of body-safe silicone and is, of course, USB rechargeable.



The ultimate sexy hamper for couples


Okay… make way for the clear winner. This hamper is the gift of all gifts. This is the present you get a valentine only if you really, REALLY love them. 



The couple’s hamper bundles together EVERYTHING I’ve just talked about (plus a bottle of organic aloe vera water-based lube) – and comes at a discounted price! It’s more than 30% cheaper than if you were to buy them all separately.

To break that down, the couple’s hamper includes the following:



Remote controlled vibrating love egg


A soft, padded blindfold and two satin restraints


Vibrating cock ring with rabbit ears


Remote controlled mini bullet vibrator


Organic water-based aloe vera lubricant


Vibrating love egg

The Natural Love Company organic aloe vera water-based lube.


This is perfect for introducing all things couples play into your relationship, or for simply adding to your already thriving collection! If anybody reading this is harbouring a crush on me, then this is what I’d like please, and thank you. 

I hope you found what you were hoping to find for your Valentine and they love it as much as I do. Happy shopping! And please tell your lucky partner, they needn’t thank me, but that they’re welcome.