Backorder Policy

We do our very best to ensure the items you’d like to order are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch, naturally though sometimes demand outstrips our supply.

Whenever an item is out of stock and we’re expecting new stock within 4 weeks, or less, we’ll give you the option to purchase a ‘backorder’. Our stock is clearly visible on every product as well as in your cart and checkout experience, whenever an item is available for backorder we’ll list it as ‘Dispatched in X weeks’. The number of weeks is an estimate, typically 1-2 weeks and never more than 4 weeks.

This policy enables you to maximise your shopping experience with us because you can combine any ‘backorder’ item with in stock items to build bundles, purchase hampers and take advantage of other multi-item offers.

Please see a list of common scenarios below. If you have any further questions, please contact us here.


Ordered ย  a mix of In Stock and Backorder?

When an order contains multiple toys that are in stock, along with one or more backorder items we will, by default, place your order on hold so that we can minimise unnecessary shipping, this option should also provide less inconvenience to you – minimising multiple deliveries.

At any time you’re welcome to request any ‘in stock’ items be shipped immediately. Simply use the contact form link above this dropdown, or reply to your order confirmation email.

Kindly note: When requesting multiple packages, any express or priority service selected will only apply to your in stock items in the first pacakage. The subsequent package containing backorder item(s) will be sent via our postal service.

Ordered a Backorder item only?

We will dispatch via your selected delivery service (postal, express or priority) within 1 business day of new stock becoming ready for dispatch.

Ordered a Backorder toy with accessories (lube, oil, cleaner or condoms)?

When an order contains one or more backorder toy(s) and no other in stock toys, we will hold your accessories (such as lube, oil, cleaner or condoms) until they can be dispatched with your backorder toys.

When your backorder item(s) come into stock, you’ll be amongst the first to receive them, along with your ordered accessories.

We will dispatch via your selected delivery service (postal, express or priority) within 1 business day of new stock arriving in our warehouse.

Shipping Destination

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