If you’re looking at the title of this blog and you’re thinking “Why the heck not!” then it’s likely you’re already a masturbation maestro! The symphony of pleasure is a sound you’re well accustomed to and good for you! 


However, you’d be surprised at how many of us have never ventured down under for a solo expedition. If you’re one of the many, yet to pop their masturbation cherry, here are 7 reasons you might want to give it a go! 


Ps. We give you full permission to shut down your device after you read this and jump aboard the solo pleasure train! 

F**k yourself for a healthier, happier and stress-reduced life


When it comes to both physical and mental health, masturbation has a lot to offer. One notable benefit of masturbation is the release of endorphins, which are hormones that promote wellbeing and elevate mood.


In addition to boosting your mood, masturbation can also help relieve stress and reduce pain. For women, the contractions and endorphins released during orgasm can help alleviate menstrual pain. Some studies have even found that orgasms can effectively reduce migraines and headaches, making it a natural pain reliever.


In addition to reducing stress, masturbation provides several other health benefits including a boost t your immune system! 

F**k yourself to boost your confidence


It’s hard to ask for something when you’re not yet sure what you want. Masturbation allows you to connect with your own body, learn its likes and dislikes, and get more confident in expressing yourself. It’s an empowering exercise in fulfilling your own needs and desires. 


You’ll become more body-confident and when you decide to engage with other partners you’ll quickly see how much more confident you feel. 


F**k yourself to boost your libido


Sounds counter-intuitive right? If I’m pleasuring myself, what’s the need to get someone else involved? 


However, masturbation has been shown to boost libido. Sexual desire and arousal originate in the brain, and the more pleasure we experience, the more we crave it. Conversely, when we go without sex for a while, we often stop thinking about it altogether. 


If your libido’s been low and you’ve bee worried about a lack of desire or difficulty reaching orgasm, masturbation can be a helpful tool in overcoming these issues. 


F**k yourself for a better nights sleep


There’s nothing like a good orgasm to send you off to sleep. In fact, this might just be the easiest solution if you’re struggling with a restless mind at night. 


When you orgasm you release chemicals that are designed to help you relax. A good orgasm can bring you an overwhelming sense of calm helping you unwind and drift off. 

F**k yourself to look better


How much do you spend on expensive skincare or make-up to get that fresh-faced, blushed, glowy look? Do you know that you can get the same look for free? 


Self-pleasure gets the blood pumping! It’s great for improving your circulation, raising your heart rate a little and bringing a youthful flush to your face. 


Before you head out for an evening, why not enjoy a moment of self-care and see who notices your new vibrancy? We’ll leave you to tell your friends what products they need to buy, or just point them in the direction of TNLC…


F**k yourself for better vaginal health


Just like the rest of your body, your vaginal muscles love a good workout! 


Masturbation is great for strengthening these muscles and your pelvic floor (we highly suggest you do this workout at home and not at your local gym… we won’t be held responsible for that one). 


It also increases blood flow to the vagina and provides natural lubrication which are both great for maintaining the health of your private parts! 


F**k yourself because you can and it feels good! 


Really this should be number one right?! Simply put, you should self-pleasure because you can and it’s enjoyable, so why not?! 


We take care of ourselves in so many different ways; why not add a few moments in a week for some solo exploration? Whilst you, your mind, and your hand are always enough, if you need a little extra help reaching new heights why not explore the TNLC range and pick something to suit you? 


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