Sex can be a taboo for a lot of people, however it’s something we all do. So why not talk about it! The idea of bringing up sex to your partner or your friends can make some people feel uncomfortable or awkward. Being able to talk openly about how you feel and what your sexual desires are shows the signs of a healthy relationship. If you are struggling bringing up this topic with your partner here are some tips from TNLC! Like always… We are here to help you feel your best in the bedroom. 


Communication is key

Like all things in your relationship it is crucial to be able to communicate in a healthy way. You cannot expect your partner to read your mind when it comes to the bedroom. Don’t be scared to tell them what you want, trust me they will find it sexy! It is also important to find out what they want and desire as well. Remember, sex is about both of you. 


Try something new!

Try suggesting something new to your partner. Maybe go to an adult shop together or watch something. Suggesting it this way to your partner will seem fun to them and not as a critique of their performance. When it comes to likes and dislikes it is important to respect one another’s views and opinions on things.


Pick the right time

Try to be considerate to your partner and how they might be feeling in the moment. Don’t bring something up if you know your partner has had a bad day, they are more likely to take this conversation as an insult. Maybe suggest going for a walk, something more private as they might not want the whole supermarket hearing about what position you want to try!! Also try to avoid speaking about this before you are going to bed as you don’t want to discuss these issues before you have sex or right after. Be mindful.


Start with the positives

You don’t want this conversation to seem like you are just bringing your partner down. It is important to compliment your partner and tell them what you like about your relationship together. This will make it easier for you to open up to your partner and seem less like you are just critiquing them. 


Make it an idea

Remember we are all different. We are never going to all like the same things in the bedroom so you have to accept that some things you suggest won’t always be your partner’s thing. Don’t ever make your partner feel like they have to do anything. Sex should be about pleasuring each other and having fun!


Setting boundaries 

If you have something that you know you definitely don’t like, make sure you communicate this clearly to your partner, and vice versa ask them if there is anything they dislike too. Your partner might be doing something in the bedroom that crosses your boundaries without realising. Communicating this clearly is important as your partner can then respect this boundary to ensure no one is doing anything they don’t feel comfortable doing.

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