F**k yourself. Not the planet.

The sex toy industry is dirty, and not in a good way. Products are often not made to last, use disposable batteries (some which can’t even be changed!) and come packaged in heinous amounts of single use plastics. The Natural Love Company prides itself on it’s long product obsolescence, fully rechargeable range and ZERO plastic packaging, including our very cute, re-usable, compostable, cotton pouches. Read more about our eco-policy, including our carbon NEGATIVE pledge here.

Great service, fantastic product. Beautiful, simple packaging totally different from the usual overtly sexy thing that most companies do.

So glad i stumbled across this wonderful company. Who would have thought it would be possible to find ethical, eco-friendly sex toys!

Simply lube is the BEST i have used.

Packaging 10/10. So Eco and fun. Products work a treat!

Just love this company. Great products, great packaging and super fast shipping.

Genuinely AMAZING. Awesome customer support.

Fabulous website and incredible value for money. Obsessed.

Just get it, your sex life will thank you BIG time.

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